Searchly exposes ElasticSearch’s JSON API.

It is best to follow ElasticSearch’s API documentation to start with Searchly.

Multiple versions of Elastisearch are available at Searchly, therefore be sure to checkout the right version documentation of Elasticsearch.

Currently available we are supporting all avalilable major versions of Elasticsearch; 0.9, 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7

Searchly API url structure;


You can find your connection url at your dashboard.

For instance if your api key is “abcdefg123456” and you have created an index named 'articles', API url for this index can be seen below;


Testing API

After signing up to Searchly, you can test basic features with ease.

Create an index via api:

<span></span>$ curl -xput http://site:<span>{</span>apikey<span>}</span>

This command will create an index with given name 'articles' under your account.

Add a document to index:

<span></span>$ curl -xpost http://site:<span>{</span>apikey<span>}</span> -d <span>'{ "name":"first article","owner": "me" }'</span>

Search this document:

<span></span>$ curl -xget http://site:<span>{</span>apikey<span>}</span><span>=</span>name:first

Below you can find architecture diagram of Searchly;

  • Searchly is running on Amazon Web Services US East and EU West region.

  • Dashboard is used for managing subscriptions, memberships and provides a GUI.

  • Rest Gateway is responsible for authorization and authentication of search requests.

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