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Access Keys

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SearchBox uses api-keys for authentication to your indices. Api-keys have full control over your account and indices. Many of our users asked us about public api-keys and we are giving you more so-called “access keys”

An access key is a key can be scoped with your indices and aliases with both read-only or full access. This gives you complete tenacity over indices or aliases.

Read-only Access Keys

While creating an access key you can set it as read only and with this key you can “only” execute requests;

  • Search
  • Get
  • MultiGet
  • Get Source

Access Keys With Complete Accees

While creating an access key if you unclick “read only”, created key has now full access to given indices/aliases “except” requests;

  • DeleteIndex
  • CreateIndex
  • All aliases actions

Non-readonly keys can be used for isolating resources without sacrificing index operations, for cases like environments(dev, testqa).

Using Access Keys With Aliases

Indices and aliases handled as same by access keys however this combination has some powerfull outputs.

Aliases can be created with filters. For instance;

If you create an alias to users index named “user_12” with user_id filter, each request made to user_12 will include with that filter.

Now you can create an access-key for this alias and this user will have only access to user_12 alias. With combination of alias filter, that user is completely isolated from other documents, indices and aliases.

Access Keys API

Access keys can be created via dashboard or API

For API details check out documentation