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Docket Alarm, Inc. Case Study: Indexing Federal Courts, the ITC, and the PTAB

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Based in New York City, Docket Alarm offers search, tracking, and analytics for over one million lawsuits and bankruptcies in Federal Courts, the International Trade Commission (ITC), and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).  Docket Alarm’s PTAB full-text research database includes every inter partes review and covered business method proceeding ever filed.

Docket Alarm customers rank among the largest law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and market research and consulting firms.

One of the major challenges Docket Alarm faced was being able to provide instant search capabilities over hundreds of gigabytes of data with sub-second latency.

I chose Searchly’s scalable search solution to power Docket Alarm because of its ability to scale to millions of documents.  Searchly allows me to focus less on hardware infrastructure, and more on the high level analytics that saves our customers time and money.

- Michael Sander, Founder, Docket Alarm, Inc.

Docket Alarm takes advantage of Elasticsearch’s powerful analytics to generate real-time statistics, such as:

When it comes to building a large and robust search system, careful planning and design are required. By using Searchly, Docket Alarm was able to smoothly scale their full text search legal database from mere megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes.

Interested in tracking a case? Curious about what cases involve your company? You can check out Docket Alarm for yourself at

App Spaces

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Today we have deployed our brand new feature called “App Spaces” or simply ‘Spaces’ . You can now have multiple completely isolated search environments under one account. App Spaces can be either environment variations or different applications of your search installation. Moreover you can create spaces which point to different zones like one can work with ‘aws-us’ and other one can at ‘aws-eu’.


You can manage your spaces via “Manage App Spaces” menu at your dashboard. We let you to create 10 “App Spaces” so you have enough room to manage your applications.

PAAS users can not use spaces due to their addon architecture.

Each space is subject to different subscription and resources can not be shared right now. We are open to discuss about resource sharing, let us know your thoughts.



You can edit “Name” of a space but region can not be changed. Deleting a space means completely removing all indices, documents and other information related to this space.

While developing spaces we have created new concept of ‘Organisation’ at Searchly. Currently it is hidden however soon, we plan to let our users add additional users to their organisations and we want to add authorisation layer based on roles within an organisation.

All feedback is very welcomed about App Spaces! is now

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When we first decided to create a search software as a service (based on ElasticSearch) in the beginning of 2012, we found as nerdish and cool. We were not aware of another .com company using the same name as we do in those times. Till now, our service has improved and confusion with .io and .com became much more complicated.

We are live on PAAS platforms like Heroku, AppHarbor and our GA (CloudBees) will be live pretty soon, so we think that it is the right time for another cool brand name.

From now on, our service will be called as Searchly!
Our new twitter account is @searchlyapp and our support site is

We will keep supporting Rest API with domain until the end of this year and we plan to complete full migration to our new brand name in coming 2014.

Wish we luck!