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App Spaces

October 23, 2013 | By | No Comments">No Comments

Today we have deployed our brand new feature called “App Spaces” or simply ‘Spaces’ . You can now have multiple completely isolated search environments under one account. App Spaces can be either environment variations or different applications of your search installation. Moreover you can create spaces which point to different zones like one can work with ‘aws-us’ and other one can at ‘aws-eu’.


You can manage your spaces via “Manage App Spaces” menu at your dashboard. We let you to create 10 “App Spaces” so you have enough room to manage your applications.

PAAS users can not use spaces due to their addon architecture.

Each space is subject to different subscription and resources can not be shared right now. We are open to discuss about resource sharing, let us know your thoughts.



You can edit “Name” of a space but region can not be changed. Deleting a space means completely removing all indices, documents and other information related to this space.

While developing spaces we have created new concept of ‘Organisation’ at Searchly. Currently it is hidden however soon, we plan to let our users add additional users to their organisations and we want to add authorisation layer based on roles within an organisation.

All feedback is very welcomed about App Spaces!